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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things in working on Thursday!

It has been a while since I have posted one of these, but not because I havnt been working on anything :)! I have made a BUNCH of fun skirts, shirts and much much more- so please go check out my Etsy site to see some of them! (

I have been knitting a pair of longies, a muno doll, a fairy doll and some fetchings......

I have been peiceing and quilting 2 quilts with my friend for a family who lost their child and almost lost their mother. (we did 2 of the 8 quilts for the kids).

I also made some super fun birthday hats! More to come after I do some homework.... But the baby LOVES them- has since the day I made the first one! Wont wear a regular hat but she is OBSESSED with these ones! Who can blame her?


  1. Dang cute everything. I want some flowers, some nursing pads, some munos and the rest of the gang the fairy doll and maybe some more stuff... I could keep you busy just my orders alone. :) lets talk

  2. the birthday hats are adorable!!!!! what a great idea!

  3. how cute and innovative do you do full size quilts

  4. Everything is adorable, but those birthday hats are extra cute for sure.

  5. We have a family reunion coming up. Every year we have a raffel to win a quilt (with matching pillow shams when possible). I do not have one for this year yet. The reunion is in October. Maybe we could work together. Now cost is the issue for me. It has to be where I can afford it. So let me know what you can do. I would need it to fit a Queen size bed at least. So? Josie.....quilt is in your court now. lol
    email me at

  6. Josie, where did you learn to do this stuff? Seriously? You are awesome! i looked at your etsy site yesterday and I LOVE the cloth diapers...if I ever have another little one I am seriously considering cloth diapering.

  7. Well who wouldn't want to wear those hats?? They are FABULOUS.

  8. wow you have been busy! those birthday hats are just too cute!

  9. Cute items! And I love your blog's name.

    Thanks for stopping by my site!


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